Drone & Aerial Surveying

The Technology behind the scene:

 Introduction to Drones
Drones have become key to providing accurate cost effective and efficient information of project sites.  They are a standard in many industries and have the ability to provide an abundance of information in a short period of time.  The Drone platform itself is the aircraft which has the ability to cary different payloads such camera sensors, lidar sensors, infrared sensors and various others. At Upland we utilize a camera sensor to capture the necessary information we need.  

Upland's aircraft system is a DJI M200 Industrial quadcopter with a high resolution camera for capturing quality photos of the site.  The aircraft is equipped with a 3rd party high grade PPK GPS system for accurate geotagging of images.  In addition we utilize Ground Control Points to verify accuracy when necessary using survey grade RTK GPS system. These points also give us the ability to fine tune the positions to an even higher degree of accuracy and give us a measurable way to assure that our product meats the absolute accuracy that may be required on some projects.

The images captured are processed using photogrammetry software to produce an orthophoto image and point cloud data.  The orthophoto is georeferenced and scaled to a coordinates system so it can be utilized in any mapping/GIS software.  The point cloud data is utilized to create a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) of the surface.  From the point cloud data, a three dimensional perspective can also be created for a more realistic view of a given site if needed.  With these Drone aerial surveying products, we have the most up to date site information that provides us with the ability to calculate volumes and complete linear measurements, coordinates, elevations, profiles, contours and create line work. These measurements are key to our success in making sound decisions and providing our clients and government with some of the most advanced information available today. By utilizing such technology and workflow we provide our clients with the assurance of high quality georeferenced surface models and orthophotos. 

Upland Environmental Ltd is fully licensed, certified and insured to operate a Drone within the province of Alberta. Normand Menard, the Pilot in Command holds a Pilot Certificate with Transport Canada to legally operate a Drone, as well,  our Drone is  registered with Transport Canada giving us the ability to operate in various airspaces.  Upland carries $1,000,000 Drone liability insurance coverage.  We have also acquired the necessary Drone Ground School Training for piloting the unmanned air vehicle systems.  

Drone imagery coupled with photogrammetry is a very cost effective way to capture the most up to date aerial and topographic information of a site.  This technology is becoming very popular in all types of industries around the world including mining, gravel and forest industries.  The key to making Drones and photogrammetry successful and effective is by utilizing sound practices, good equipment and understanding its limitations.  Here at Upland we focus on providing quality accurate data to our clients.   

Stockpile Volumetrics

Stockpile Volumetrics