Gravel Pit Development

The process in a nutshell:

 At Upland we pride ourselves in providing a complete service to our aggregate clients to ensure a superior product in a timely and cost effective manner.  To achieve this we provide services in environmental assessments, topographical land surveying, GIS & CAD mapping, First Nations Consultation, Land Administration, and Electronic applications to AEP. 


Volume Surveys  – RTK GPS and Drones are used to calculate volumes of stockpiles and excavated areas for inventory and reporting.   Upland is at the leading edge of technology and utilizes a high precision RTK GPS system coupled with the use of a Drone to collect photography and later used for photogrammetry in order to derive at very accurate and precise topography and aerial images.  This information is processed and used to calculate volumes and perform various 2D and 3D measurements.

Aggregate Land Review (ALR) Applications – Applications to AEP for review of potential aggregate areas and availability for development.

Surface Materials Exploration (SME) Applications – Design, Applications and implementing field sampling programs.  Compilation and volume calculations based on sampling results.  Final Exploration package for client and AEP.

Surface Materials Lease (SML) Applications – Based on field testing results, pit boundary is designed to minimize environmental impact and to ensure pit operations will not conflict with other stakeholders.  At this stage, access planning is also incorporated if required.

Conservation Operation & Reclamation Plan (CORP) - A comprehensive report for surface material leases   as per governmental standards to address existing site conditions, environmental concerns, operational methods and rehabilitation strategies.

Pit Development, Operations & Annual Reporting – At Upland we offers an ongoing service to clients in monitoring pit development and operations to ensure consistency with the conservation and reclamation business plan.  In addition we conduct Annual Returns and Annual Reports on active pits to reflect operational changes and extracted volumes for government requirements.

Pit Registration, Activities Plan  - Private Land pits that exceed 5 hectares must be registered with Alberta Environment.  Similar to a CRBP, a comprehensive report is compiled to meet the standards as set out in the Code of Practice.  Upland also provides services in completing the 5 year reports and Final Reclamation Reports for private land pits. 

Test Pit