Forest and Land Services

What we can do for you:


Disposition Applications & Land Withdrawal - Land acquisition applications for all types of dispositions such as DLO, SML, SMC, SME, DML, on crown land.  FMA Consents, surveying coordination and Electronic Disposition Submissions.

Environmental Assessments - Onsite assessments and coordination with field operations to ensure facility details are documented accurately.  Land searches and liaison with Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP) is an essential part of our process to ensure that all stakeholders & government expectations have been addressed. 

Log Deck Volume Surveys - A Drone is used to fly the log decks to determine the volume of wood within the log decks. See Drone services for more detail on this technology..

Timber Salvage - Assessment of timber volumes and species for salvage on dispositions.  Coordination of salvage removal and liaison with AEP.  

Harvest Planning - Conducting all the field reconnaissance work which includes evaluating the timber, topography, summer or winter ground, wildlife values, watercourse assessments and classification, and other stakeholders.  This information along with aerial photo interpretation is compiled to formulate a harvest design pattern that will conform to regulations, environmental considerations and operational constraints.

Access Planning & Locating - Conducting field reconnaissance to determine the best possible route to meet the road class standards, aerial photo interpretation and topographical data are utilized as tools in determining the most favourable and cost effective route.