Geomatics & Design

How we can help you:

 GIS Mapping -  Geographical Information System utilized for generating all types of mapping and reporting products.  GIS is the most effective and efficient way to produce various mapping products for analysis and application processes.

Terrain Modeling & Quantities - Earthwork volumes are calculated to determine cost and material requirements for construction. Volume calculations of stockpiles and excavations.

Road Design - A final road design is generated based on the field data collected in the field.  Plans and Profiles as well as reports can be tailored to meet client needs.

Lidar – Lidar data has become a popular means to providing terrain information that is cost effective for earthwork calculations and budgets.  Upland has the ability to work with Lidar data and provide road design products, earthwork calculations, cross-sectional profiles for your project needs.

Drone Systems are becoming a popular tool for use in the natural resources and surveying industry.  At Upland we utilize Drone photography coupled with high precision RTK GPS information and the use of robust photogrammetry software to process and build accurate Orthophotos, Digital Elevation Models and 3D models of a project area.  The final products give us the ability to measure and quantify the most up to date condition of a site. See Drone Services for more information.

RTK & DGPS - Global Positioning System utilized for mapping boundaries, centerlines and all type of features for positioning, harvesting and mapping purposes.

Volumetric Surveys- RTK GPS or Drone surveys for calculation of stockpile volumes and excavated areas.  This type of survey is common for gravel stockpiles for inventory and marketing purposes.

Road Construction Surveying- Road corridor topography data is taken along with soil, watercourse and drainage structure sizing information in order to complete the final road design.

Topographical Surveying- RTK GPS or a Drone system is utilized for taking topographical data for earthwork calculations.

Site Plans- Detailed site assessment and survey for watercourse crossings in order to design a suitable crossing for each specific site.  (DFO submissions).

Grade Staking GPS RTK- Field staking as per the design to ensure grades, and cut & fill slopes are built as per design.